Lifestyle Photography

How much is a session?
All sessions include one hour and start at $65.

What should we wear for a session?
Wear whatever represents you. The outfit you choose helps me to determine your style and capture your personality. Don’t over do it and don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase something new because I want to photograph you and your natural beauty; not your outfit. I tell all of my clients to have an additional option if they aren’t sure. I always tell parents to pack as many outfits for their little ones as they’d like. We might not use them all, but I don’t mind having options or changing kidos once or twice during a session.

How should I prepare my infant/child for a session?
Be sure to schedule your session at a time that your child is typically happy – Don’t skip nap time to get your photos in. Bring them with well fed tummys, or for infants plan to feed them on site just before we begin the session (don’t worry, sessions never take a full hour and spending the first part of your session feeding your infant is definitely worth it). Prepare toddlers and older kids by letting them know how much fun it’s going to be! Have any toys or blankies that might make them to feel more comfortable, though if you prefer that they not be in the pictures keep them tucked away in the diaper bag and we will only pull them out if we really need to. Snacks are OK to bring too, just keep in mind the mess factor and try to avoid anything super sticky or that may leave brightly colored lips and teeth. We do our best to make it a fun experience, but don’t worry, because if it just isn’t working out we are more than happy to reschedule at no additional cost. We want to capture the best images of your child that we can. Most of what we do is unposed because this is the best way to capture that natural charm and one of a kind smile (not the fake one).

Do you photograph on location?
Currently, I only photograph on location. I am committed to capturing real life and would love to come to your home or work, to photograph in a local park, downtown, or any location that is meaningful to you. I do charge a fee for traveling more than 10 miles from our zip code.

How much do prints cost?
We offer gift prints for $50. Gift prints include one 8X10, two 5X7’s, three 4X6’s, four 3.5X5’s or 24 wallets. Our wall protrait packages start at $265.

Do you sell digital files?
All sessions include one free FB image and additional FB images are just $15. I also sell digital session packages and an add on CD for $50 that is available with your print purchase.

Do you sell frames?
All of our Wall Portraits come adorned with one of our Traditional frames and can be upgraded to any of our speciality frames.

Do you sell albums?
We have several photo products available for purchase including various album sizes, photo coasters, mini frames, mugs, stickers, cards etc.


Travel and Photo tourism

What is a photo tour and how much does it cost?
A photo tour starts at $99 and includes a 1-2 hour exploration of a tourist, historical, or interesting location. Tour participants are led and encouraged to photograph along the way. Cameras may be provided. Tour includes digital images from the photographer documenting the tour and participants. Tours may be scheduled in celebration of events, as family reunions, during vacation, etc. Photographer may be hired to travel.

Do your sell your images?
You can purchase digital products and photographs with images from around the world in our Etsy shop.